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The key to wellness lies in the energy within & around you
The Amega Wand
The Amega AMWand is made up of a special combination of granulated crystals energised using a proprietary technology, encapsulated in a stainless steel pen-sized casing.

The crystals in the AMWand have powerful healing qualities and are energy amplifiers that can absorb, store, release and regulate energy.

1. To dissipate energy blockages in the body/field

2.. To increase and balance the energy levels in the body/field

3. To enable the body to heal itself

4. To alleviates aches and pains, supporting healing both of the self and others
  • To energize skin and body care products such as creams, moisturizers, oils etc for better absorption into the body
  • To stimulate bodily functions and strengthen immunity
  • To use on pets to supplement energy deficiency
  • To energize food and liquids enabling better absorption into the body
  • To infuse plants with energy
  • To energize the environment and neutralize harmful elements from the liquids we drink, the air we breathe and the food that we eat.


Nanna and the Amega Wand Part 1 and Part 2


Energy Fields

Everything we can see and touch as well as everything on a quantum level that is not visible to the naked eye has an energy field. This applies to people, places, animals, things, planets, and the Universe. We exist in a sea of energy.

The human body is not only surrounded by an energy field but every organ and cell in the body is encompassed by an energy field – in quantum technology, we are like a hologram with the energy flowing through and around us. This is known as bio-energy.

If the directional flow of energy in the body/field is disrupted or stressed either physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, dis-ease may be experienced. The energy that flows through the body is referred to as ‘Life Force Energy’, Source, Chi or Zero- Point energy. It determines our state of health and immunity.

Zero point field energy does not heal, instead, it provides the energy needed for the body to heal itself in a self-regulating manner. The body has this ability to heal itself and correct imbalances. When Zero point field energy is introduced to an area in need of support, the body converts what it needs in that area. It will only use the amount of Zero point energy necessary to re-establish homeostasis.

AMized Fusion Technology

AMized Fusion Technology is a proprietary technology solely developed by the Amega Global Research and Development Team, comprising of a group of scientists, doctors and physicists over a period of 25 years within the principles of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

AMized Fusion Technology (AFT) is a proprietary process technology to source Zero-Point Life Force Energy. This can be accessed and used to balance the flow of energy in the body and bring all aspects (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) into harmony.

The AMPendant – The Transformer of Life

The Amega AMPendant uses specific advanced crystals enclosed in a titanium casing to source the Life Force Energy – Chi – from the environment.

When worn regularly the body receives the energy (a bit like an antenna) and then channels it to the parts of the body where it is most needed, gradually correcting any imbalances. It helps to increase resilience to the effects of stress in our daily lives, boosts the immune system and combats e-smog.

The AMPendant helps:-  

  1. Protect the user from external e-smog effects
  2. Increase the body’s energy level
  3. Improve blood circulation
  4. Improve the metabolism
  5. Energize the body’s fluids and cells
  6. Energize the liquids we drink, the air we breathe and the food we eat
  7. Neutralize harmful elements in all the above


How to Use

1. Point the AMWand at the appropriate area and rotate clockwise
2. For more effectiveness, point as close as possible
3. You can also stir liquids (water, wine, juices etc) with Amwand to energize
4. Use the AMWand for facials to rejuvenate the skin
5. Use the Amwand to energize your food
6. Press and rotate at least 3 times on all finger and toe tips to clear energy blockages


To Purchase:-

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My Business Account Name is DOWNTOEARTHUK

My BA ID is 33402783

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The price is in US dollars as of 8 th April 2010:-

The Amega Wand …………………………….. $298.00 - Approx. £195.50

The silver AMPendant …………………………. $388.00 - Approx. £254.00

The gold AMPendant ………………………….. $398.00 - Approx. £261.50


To Become a Distributor:-

Visit and click on ‘Enroll’

My Business Account Name is DOWNTOEARTHUK

My BA ID is 33402783



The following testimonials are from UK distributors.

Chris Miller – March 2010

I have known Shirley and Arthur for a number of years and when I arrived their son was also present and he had been in a lot of pain over the last 36 hours from Sciatica. I asked him what level it was at and he said it was a 7 - his face looked very tight and you could see in his eyes that even a slight movement would make him wince. He couldn't even manage to put his foot to the ground fully. After using the wand on 4 places for 2 minutes each time he could walk around the room putting his weight on the floor and he said his pain level was down to a 3!  You could also tell the difference in his face as when I left the house he was laughing with me and he certainly was not like that when I arrived.
After this, I used the wand on Arthur who is 75 years old and has a knee problem that was a level 5 pain. After 2 minutes of wanding his knee his pain was down to a level 3 and he said that he felt a warm sensation all around his knee. 

We all tasted the AMized water and agreed that there was a marked improvement to the taste when compared to ordinary tap water. I came out of the house on an absolute high, feeling so great to have helped people.    

My sceptical brother got a good result on his neck after only a couple of minutes and the following day he came round to use the wand on his knee that had been painful following a skiing trip the previous week. After using the wand for 5 minutes on his knee, he never made any comment but after 3 days he said to me that he needed to join the company as his knee pain had disappeared completely - so that was another satisfied client and another BA!
Today (Sunday) I went over to see some friends in Bradford and the results were:

Denise - Fibromyalgia level 5 down to 2 also able to breathe without pain and ankle pain level 4 down to 1
Charlotte -  Back pain  level 5 down to 3
Eleanor -  Shoulder pain level 6 down to 1 in one shoulder and 3 in the other
Denise was so pleased and she was holding her grandson afterwards and she said that she would not have able to hold him for so long without it hurting - result another satisfied group of people and another recruit into this wonderful business.

From Christina Croker March 2010

You will be pleased to hear that we had a fantastic result today with an older lady called named Dolores Scale, who had very painful knees. She met us the door after hobbling to get to open it.  We observed her as she struggled to sit down in her chair because of the pain. While we waited for her son to arrive, she tried to get comfortable by trying to raise her legs to rest on a pouf. She had to use both hands to lift each leg, groaning with pain as she did so.

When Brenton, her son, arrived we started the ‘wanding and after about 5 to 7 minutes we stopped and waited with baited breath. Well, when she put her feet gingerly down to the floor she found that she had no pain at all.  She could not believe that there was no pain as she stood up easily and started to walk. She kept walking, sitting down and standing up and even kept lightly pummelling under her knees to see if they would hurt. Next she walked straight out of the room and walked upstairs and down again, constantly saying ‘My God! I can’t believe it!’

She wiggled her hips as though doing the Twist and even jogged a little, on the spot, to test her knees.

She went up and down the stairs a couple more times to see if it was true, because, sometimes she was in so much pain she would stay upstairs in her bedroom all day. We had a cup of tea, did a bit more wanding on her knees and left her very happy, & delightfully shocked.

Brenton was so pleased that he is going to join the business as he can see the potential. We have known him for a few years and we are so happy that he let us treat his Mum. His first priority is to get her a wand.

rom the USA

Wanded knees:  I wanded my knees and didn’t feel an immediate change in tightness or flexibility, but that night my knees were very warm when I was trying to go to sleep.  5 days after wanding them morning and night, they improved so much I can now do deep knee bends without a problem!

Wanded neck:  my husband wanded the back of his neck for about 5 minutes and it was very warm while we were out that night, again he wanded later for about 5 minutes and his neck got very warm. That night he said he slept better and his neck felt good the next day (compared to the ache he’d been experiencing)

Wanded Shoulder:  My mum has a bad shoulder with very little flexibility, and after 3 minutes she told me her shoulder was getting warm, and after about 5 minutes she had more flexibility and could raise her arm up about 10 inches higher than before.

Wanded sprained finger:  my daughter hurt her finger during a basketball game and we wanded for 4 minutes and she went back in the game – said it didn’t hurt as much.

Wanded hurt knee:  another team player hurt her knee during the same game and came out crying from the pain. I had her dad wand the knee for about 3 minutes and she stopped crying and resumed play.

Wanded rash:   My son had a red bumpy rash on the top of both feet and after 5 minutes of wanding the bumps went away and the bright red colour was reduced to a light pink colour.

Wanded Headache:   I got a bad headache and was going to take some Tylenol but decided to wand it instead and after 5 minutes my headache was gone.

Wanded Tennis Elbow:   I wanded my elbow every day for about 3-5 minutes and after 6 days I noticed that I can now pick up heavy objects and my elbow no longer hurts.

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Amega Wand and Corky the dog
Use the AMWand to energise your food. By 'wanding' you will be able to neutralise unwanted elements in your food.

You can also stir in or above liquids to energise them.


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